• Muhammad Toseef Department of Management Sciences, University College of Zhob, BUITEMS
  • Abdul Salam Lodhi Department of Economics, BUITEMS/Director University College of Zhob, BUITEMS
  • Adnan Nazir Department of Economics, University College of Zhob, BUITEMS



Kickbacks, Corruption, Health Sector, Bibliometric Analysis


Background: Health kickbacks is the central part of the this study to report corruption in the areas of infrastructural projects, purchase of drugs and medical equipment, supply of services, job transfer or promotion and natural disaster management. Because it is now a widely accepted reality that corruption occurs whenever there is government engagement in the sectors, the supply of public services or goods may be negatively impacted as a result of corruption. This has the potential to have devastating effects in a variety of spheres, including the social, political, economic, and administrative spheres in health sector. Material and Methods: This research is under the shed of bibliometric analysis of the publications on corruption in health by taking the temporal development using the dimension database connecting 2014-23 publications. Science Mapping is a type of bibliometric study used by co-citation analysis to show the intellectual and bibliometric structure of a study area in this research. The study investigation contained more than 6000 of the publications by the keywords, journals and topic of analysis. Science mapping is the part of bibliometric analysis technique is used by the researcher by implementing citation analysis and co-citation analysis to acknowledge influential publications by the clustering the visuals on corruption in health studies. Findings: The findings indicated intellectual structure was the prolific contributor in terms of cited references, Health policy and planning journal in terms of source, Hutchinson 2018 as citation network document. Previous literature revealed foundation corruption base of governance, financial, operation, competitive management in health related practices being reported by the global studies. The study added to the body of knowledge.