Effect of Ethical Leadership on Followership Dimension


  • sumbal jamil Gomal University
  • Shumaila Hashim Department of Business Administration, Gomal University, Pakistan




Followership Dimensions, Active Engagement, Independent Critical Thinking, Transformational leadership, and Behavior


Ethical leadership behavior has positive influences on followership dimensions. This study aimed at investigating the relationship Ethical leadership and followership dimensions. This research study used Kelley’s followership framework, to analyze each dimension of the leader-follower relationship. This study use social learning and social exchange theories to test the relationship between ethical leadership and follower. The social learning theory is used to support ethical leadership. Quantitative design was adopted for this purpose, and survey was chosen to collect primary data. Nature of data was cross-sectional. The population of the study consists of all public sector employees in southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Non probability snow ball technique was used to select the sample size and specific formula gave the sample size of 395. Total 500 questionnaires were distributed among employees working in public sector organizations, among which only 412 came, 395 were used to yield the results. Findings revealed that ethical leadership has a significant relationship with followership dimensions and further analysis of results revealed that these data provided insights into the followers’ current followership style (i.e., their current levels of independent critical thinking and active engagement), their leaders ‘behaviors, and the quality of their individual leader-follower relationship. The findings of the current study declare a significant connection between followership and ethical leadership effect. The study showed that ethical leadership and followers have had a significant relationship. There is a positive and significant relationship exists between ethical leadership and followership dimension in Pakistan public sector. Discussion and implications are presented based on the results of the study.



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jamil, sumbal, & Shumaila Hashim. (2023). Effect of Ethical Leadership on Followership Dimension. Administrative and Management Sciences Journal, 2(1), 54–64. https://doi.org/10.59365/amsj.2(1).2023.63